Sally & Lance – Chandos House, Central London

Sally & Lance are the loveliest couple and both very smart cookies! Lance is an astrophysicist and Sally is a Doctor. They chose the exquisite Chandos House for their wedding and reception.

Chandos House, a beautiful Georgian Townhouse that was built by Georgian Britain’s most prominent architect, Robert Adam, between 1769 – 1771. The House has been the home to Dukes, Counts and Barons in the centuries since opening and is now one of the finest London wedding venues for both ceremonies and receptions. It is one of the most idyllic wedding venues in London. Located in a quiet haven to the north of Oxford Street, between Mayfair and Marylebone, these enviable central London wedding venues are the perfect place to celebrate the start of a new life among friends and family.

Anytime I work in central London I have to make sure that whatever I need for the days wedding I am able to carry on the train and tube, check train times and factor in some contingence time for a quick coffee on route.

It was a beautiful day and the journey to town was effortless. I arrived at Chandos and went to find Charlotte ( one of the nicest wedding coordinators ), dump my equipment, check details for the day with her and make my way to their very nice tea stash for a quick brew, before making my way to Sally’s room. Sally was looking radiant as I entered the room with her maid-of-honour and Mum there ready to jump on Sally’s every request. Their was a wonderful feeling of excitement in the room with people coming and going, makeup and hair getting finished and then in the time honoured tradition – a bottle of pop to calm the nerves! Which if Sally had she most definitely wasn’t showing.

It was a lovely ceremony and a privilege to be part of which was followed by canapes and plonk, which seemed to go down very well with their friends and family. The weather had turned slightly and it was decided to make a quick dash to the front of Chandos to tick off the small amount of formal shots before the weather got much worse.

The meal was amazing as is the norm from the kitchen of Chandos. After the meal and speeches came the evening reception, Sally & Lance had booked a saxophonist to play along side the DJ and it created a great spectacle that drew people to the dance floor. I love it when I can get amongst people pulling some crazy shapes! What a wedding, what a venue and what a job I have.

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