Everything You Really Need To Know!

and maybe a little you don't need to know

So you want to know about my style?

I love a wedding, I love a good old yarn and getting to know people, I love a laugh but most importantly I love taking photos. There is nothing that makes me shudder and cringe more than stories of your mates stuffy wedding photographer barking orders at their bewildered guests. Not here, no sir-ee bob! - I'm like a photo zen master, I'm just one of your guests with a cool camera, most wont see me but when the moment is right - POW! I'm there to capture Uncle Dave embarrassing himself for the umpteenth time. I just love the way the day unfolds, nothing scripted just go with the flow with a large glug of laughter thrown in to the mix for good measure..

How will we cope being the Headliners?

You'll be just fine and dandy! every couple feels like this - just remember to be yourselves and have a blast.

Should we supply the confetti?

Abso-double-lutley! that way you can make sure there is enough of the bloody stuff to really look impressive - nothing shouts 'no one bothered' more than a confetti shot with not much...... confetti.

We’re getting married outside of Blightey – will you travel?

Hell Yeah!! Tell me when and where and I'm there 🙂

Can we have every pic you take on the day?

No chance! I take loads on the day to make sure that the ones I present to you are perfect. Plus you would get totally board looking through 3-4000 images

Are you insured and all that?

Hell yeah, up to 2 million on indemnity and public liability. If you are getting married at a venue that I haven't worked at before just get them to drop me a line and I'll forward all my details over for their records.

What the chuff is copyright all about?

It's there to protect the artist (Oooh I think thats me!) from others using their work without permission or for personal gain, like selling a print down the market without asking me politely first. But fear-not cos' I realise you will be spending hard earned cash on me so to reciprocate I let you do what ever you like with them, apart from altering, selling or using them for marketing purposes. If you want to get all Social with your pics then that's double cool too, please just give a credit to Piccylicious Photography with an ikle link to my website www.piccylicious.co.uk

Simply put.... if you both want to give every photo to every guest at your lovely wedding then that's just perfect with me.

When 'n' Where can we see the pics?

You’ll get a taster pic on my blog or Facebook page a couple of days after your wedding. I then try my best to have the photos uploaded for you 4-8 weeks after your wedding – but usually before this. You’ll then get a swanky email directing you to your private online gallery, where once you have seen them I'll open up your gallery so you can share, download and print your pics, I'll even pop them on a USB and send them to you by carrier pigeon! You'll normally receive 500-700 pics in your collection dependant on how long I'm there and how many people you decided to feed.

Do we get high-res images?

Yep, super high-res, the super duperist high-res images ever! And what you really want to know is, Yes they will look amazing set in acrylic or as a canvas adorned on your wall for all to feast their eyes on when they pop in for a natter.

What happens if your sick-as-a-dog on the day?

Na, never ill - thats for people with office jobs! I have a massive sense of responsibility that always means I'm there with you both. But lets just hypothetically approach this subject from the 'What If' camp - well I have an amazing battalion of fellow photographers that if needed I can sound my bugal (that's an old type of mobile phone) and they come running to help. I then throw the cash you threw at me straight to them or if I can't find someone I'll obviously refund in full.

Can we get group shots or will you run a mile?

Every couple has a relative with a mantle piece that is itching to have you both grace its broad, glossy real-estate. Its part of a wedding day and one that I would never shy away from. I do, however make it as painless as possible, most of my couples choose between 4 - 6 groups and to help things move along swiftly they normally nominate an usher to help herd the flock into the right place.

Can we haggle on price?

You can try but ultimately NO - I value my work and so do my couples and to keep on doing what I love I need to pay my mortgage, treat my beautiful wife every now and then (well she does put up with me after all!) and lavish my two boys from time to time. Here’s a great article about why wedding photographers charge what we do, and it’s a great read if you have a cuppa to hand. I do however offer a reduced rate for midweek and winter weddings (November to March) which you can check out here

High Rocks couples

This is one of my local venues that I am proud to be recommended at and as such is one of my fav places to shoot and I know all the great dramatic places to take you lucky people to! Just give me a shout and tell me about your High Rocks wedding via my online form

So whats the next step?

So if you guys think I fit your personality and you LUV my images then the next step would be to drop me a line via my online form and we can chat wedding stuff over a cuppa! and if your super excited and have to book now, then head on over to my online booking form and all I'll need then is a £200 deposit to secure the date.