& Piccylicious Photography

Hey, I’m Michael and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based on the Kent, Surrey & Sussex boarders covering London and the South East area of our little island. I am frequently commissioned to work much further afield and LOVE to travel throughout the UK and abroad.

If you are looking for a fun photographer to give you stylish portraits, all those funny candid moments and plenty of ‘rocking out’ poses on the dance floor with your friends. One that wont do endless group shots and toe curling cheesy pics (unless your under 10 years old, then its obligatory to be a cheesy monster) or drag you away from your family and friends for hours on end, then if that sounds how your nut imagined the perfect photographer to be, then I’m the one for you!


The entire story of your wedding is such an important part of how I approach photographing the day. I want to build a collection of images that really show narrative and character when put together, and to do that I need to arrive promptly!

Expect me early on, when everyone is buzzing around getting ready or ticking things of their ‘to do’ list. When your dad comes through the door to see you in your wedding dress for the first time, I’ll be there. When you’re both looking directly at each other during the ceremony, and it feels like the world is a million miles away, I’ll be there to capture it.

When your favourite song comes on and you’re dancing with friends and family, I’ll be dancing too! Well, taking pictures and dancing – it’s a fun combination!


I also believe that it is important to take a fresh approach when it comes to wedding photography. Each day is unique and as such, it is my job to capture images which reflect the uniqueness of your special day.

Whether that involves capturing the colours, the location, the poses, the people or something completely different, I will do all that and more to ensure your wedding day photos are something that you will treasure forever.


You don’t have to worry about a thing, as I’ll make sure I capture every part of the day, even down to the smallest details. If I was to only photograph 6-8 hours then you would have a nice selection of images but the story would be incomplete. Instead, I offer the beginning; middle and end to really make looking back at your day a great experience and ensure your story is told.